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Since 1963, all the work of our Institution has been based on fundamental pillars that have allowed us to lead the health offer in the Austro region and in the country in general.

We offer the community a select group of expert doctors in their specialties and subspecialties, who are constantly improving.

We have first-class infrastructure and equipment to meet the health needs of our patients in their diagnoses, procedures and treatments.


We are a private institution that provides integrated health services, passionately dedicated to caring for our community; performing preventive, curative and rehabilitation treatments with quality, using our values, as a priority objective, we work as a team creating an environment of well-being for our patients and their environment.


To be leaders in the provision of comprehensive health services, with high quality and modernization standards, with a spirit of humanism, professional ethics and sustainability.

Why choose us?

Qualified personnel

cutting-edge technology

Empathy and vocation

Each year, Santa Ana Clinic manages 2,600 discharges and performs 2,000 surgical procedures in its 4 operating rooms .

We have a hospitalization capacity of 59 beds , of which 5 are for critical care. Our work team is made up of 144 people. The great strength of Clínica Santa Ana lies in the empathy and vocation of our team of doctors, technicians and nurses, administrative staff; that are characterized by a kind, close and respectful treatment; we have humanized medicine and that makes us different.

Our growth has been fueled by our continued dedication to the mission of Clínica Santa Ana: To provide quality health care to the community through a continued focus on teaching, research, solidarity and financial responsibility. Our service offering is extensive, we have Hospitalization spaces that include Intensive and Intermediate Care areas, an emergency area, observation and Triage, Radiodiagnosis and x-rays, a Neonatology area fully equipped to meet the demand of the region; and the most modern Clinical Laboratory in the city.

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What do our patients think?

I was hospitalized for a few days, and since their attention was very good, the secretaries were very cordial.
elizabeth heras
There are free consultations that are carried out in some specialties, and that is a great help to many people.
Juana Andrade M.
Thank you very much for your attention, all the services of the Santa Ana Clinic are really wonderful.
Gustavo Andrade R.

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